The "Nervous Patient's" Dentist

Interview: Ruth Ackerman, DDS

Meet Ruth Ackerman — Dentist serving the needs of the greater Scottsdale area.

How long have you been in practice?

I have been in practice for 15 years.

When did you decide to become a dentist?

I knew at a pretty young age that this was my career path. I was always pretty obsessed with taking care of my teeth.

When did you decide on specializing pediatric dentistry?

I’ve always loved kids so it was pretty much a no brainer for me to specialize in pediatrics.

What is your experience with pediatric dentistry?

I have over 10 years of experience working with children. In that time I have become quite accustomed to handling children who are scared or anxious to sit in the dentist’s chair, and I have developed methods for dealing with them. This includes recommending different forms of distraction tactics as including playing music and putting televisions on the ceiling for kids to look watch.

What is your knowledge of current dental technology?

In order to remain current, I attend any conferences that come to the nearby area and read up on dentistry journals.

Describe your dental philosophy.

It is my firm belief that everyone has a right to good oral hygiene no matter where they come from. In my 15 years as a dentist, I always plan my schedules out thoroughly so that I can see as many patients as possible over any given day. I also work with individuals who would ordinarily have trouble paying for their treatments. If someone comes in without insurance, then I work diligently to set up a payment plan so that any dental pain can get treated promptly.

Can you handle administrative duties as well as dental responsibilities?

I believe in being knowledgeable of every aspect of a dentistry practice, so although I would not call myself an expert in administrative duties, I do know how to handle basic tasks. I can fill out documents and ensure they get to the proper source in a timely fashion. I am fortunate enough to have a competent staff that allow me the time needed to dedicate to my patients.

How do you handle unhappy or difficult patients?

I try to avoid any difficulty right from the first appointment. I explain whatever is going to be happening in clear, easy-to-understand language before starting anything so the patients are not caught off-guard.

What have you done recently to enhance your dental knowledge?

I attended a conference in San Diego that went over the latest CAD technology. Although we did not have those kinds of devices in our office at that point, we still thought it was important to brush up on how this equipment works so we would be ready for the day we did get better CAD upgrades.


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