Luca Gronzie - Master Plumber

Interview: Luca Gronzie, Owner Gronzie Plumbing and Heating

Meet Luca Gronzie — Gronzie Plumbing and Heating Serving Nassau County and Queens, NYC

What are the most important steps involved in unclogging block pipes?

It’s best to work smarter than harder, so first pour hot water down the drain. If this doesn’t work, I would move on to more advanced solutions.

What plumbing tools are essential?

As is true with any profession, skilled professionals need to have the right tools available and know how to put them to good use. There isn’t one tool but rather I keep orderly well-stocked trucks for all of my employees. I make sure everyone does a weekly inventory and inspection of their truck to be sure that no one is caught without the rights supplies or tools on a job. These inspections are done on a week day so that the trucks are properly stocked in case of weekend emergencies.

Are you familiar with and do you use chemical drain cleaners?

I use caustic drain cleaners to apply the heat necessary to dissolve clogs, but the higher acidic concentration of acid cleaners solves more complex drainage issues.

How long have you been licensed?

I worked as an apprentice when I was 19 and then got my own Master Plumber’s license when I was 25 so it’s been about 10 years now.

What made you go out on your own?

It wasn’t one specific thing that made me go out on my own. It has always been my goal to work for myself.

Do you still go out and work jobs or are you spending your days in the office?

I’m still very active on working jobs. I have a staff in my office that handles my incoming calls, appointment scheduling, advertising and human resource issues.


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